What’s new in Windows 8 and Introduction to Windows 8 Application Development

In an early post; I wrote about 11th iHub montly meeting; which I had a session regarding “What’s new in Windows 8 and Introduction to Windows 8 Application Development”.

The event was great and lots of people  from IT and ICT sector was there. The very best part of participating in such these events is that; you really make great conversations with friends, colleagues and new people and the result is the whole bunch of new things you will learn.


Me during presentation

The most exciting part of the event was the seconds which I started my presentation. Actually the very first moments, when you start to explain something for people looking at you in any place or condition is the most difficult and exciting part of the time in the whole session.

It was a great experience for me; having a presentation regarding Windows 8 and Windows 8 application development; which was actually the very first presentation regarding Microsoft technologies in iHub and so in Kabul and so in Afghanistan! There is long way to go and I know; we must work hard to achieve this and I will do my best in my part; planning a busy year of sessions and presentations regarding current technologies and Microsoft technology and products.

To put a meaning for the title of the blog post;  You can find my presentation from link below. You can use it and share it. I will post separate blog posts regarding the contents of the slide in the upcoming days.