Web Application Development in Practice Course

I taught Web Application Development in Practice around three years, with a curriculum I developed based on Afghanistan market and also based on what is the best practices and trends in the world. I taught the course as part of USAID’s ICT workforce development project, privately in companies, individually to students, universities in Kabul and through other mediums.

From 2011 that I started working with PHP, the popular framework was CodeIgniter and HTML5/CSS3 was still on the way to get adopted by browsers. That’s how I included both in the curriculum, in addition to other topics and concepts. My intention was to bring the best practices for Afghan Computer Science students and Developers, to update their knowledge and help them code better. I also wanted to help them love what they are doing, and continuously encouraged them to continue coding, developing software projects and even launch their companies. Luckily, there are many examples.

Now in 2017, there are many new frameworks, libraries and even languages and that was the motivation for me to update my curriculum, as I was doing every year. This time, I planned to make my curriculum and course content public, so that those who want to learn can follow and learn. My other intention is to learn more, so I am open to suggestions and recommendations as well.

Here is the new curriculum, where I will update, after I added the content in the blog.

Course Description

Web Application Development in Practice training will enable you to build your own web applications by learning the required tools to use and web technologies to learn. This course is designed to teach the latest trends and methods to develop a web application. In addition to that, as frameworks are one of the most used environments to develop better applications in a shorter period of time, Laravel PHP framework is included in the curriculum. Laravel is a popular PHP framework, which works in MVC (Model-View-Controller) architectural pattern that allows easily separation of data from application logic and visual presentation. In this training along with PHP & Laravel, you will also practice and learn HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, MySQL and Responsive Web Design.

Day 1: HTML

Day 2: CSS

Day 3: JavaScript

Day 4: Introduction to Bootstrap

Day 5: PHP Basics, Operator & Statements

Day 6: PHP LOOP, Array, Functions, Get & Post Variables

Day 7: PHP File Operations

Day 8: PHP File Upload, Cookie, Session

Day 9: Object Oriented Programming with PHP

Day 10: Namespaces in PHP

Day 11: Components in PHP

Day 12: MySQL Basics


Day 14: MySQL Record Operations

Day 15: Database Normalization

Day 16: PHP Frameworks & Introduction to Laravel

Day 17: Getting Started with Laravel

Day 18: Learning by Doing, Laravel Project 1

Day 19: Learning by Doing, Laravel Project 2

Day 20: Learning by Doing, Laravel Project 3

Day 21: Vue.js – Introduction

Day 22: Develop an Application with Laravel & Vue.js

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