Meet Ahmad Jamshid Hashimi – MSP from Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey

Two year ago, when I was MSP (Microsoft Student Partner) in Turkey, I had this interview with MicrosoftFeed. To keep the interview in my blog and save it into a secure place, I am also posting it here 🙂

Tell us who you are?
I am Ahmad Jamshid HASHIMI, from Afghanistan. Studied Computer Engineering in Dokuz Eylul Universitey, Turkey-Izmir. I am an active student as MSP in my university. Writing technical articles in different software and system related websites. I Like sharing what I know and can’t stop learning new things.


When answering the questions to this interview, I selected as the very first MSP of Afghanistan, and successfully participated to this program for the second time. I just want to notice that all answers to this interview questions is according and related to my first MSP participation which was in Turkey.

Tell us about your University?
Dokuz Eylul University is one of the great universities in Turkey. DEU includes different faculties and departments. Have great Campuses in different beautiful part of Izmir.

Tell us about your MSP history, when were you awarded?
Directly after joining the 1 month Microsoft Summer School course, the applying process for the MSP program was started and I also applied. Last year, in October 2010 the results announced and I was on the list of awarded students. I really don’t forget the second I see my name on the list 🙂

What do you do in order to keep up with latest tools and technologies while focusing on your education?
Students who are studying Computer Engineering like me, or related branches; after joining university will soon understand this that, they must update their current knowledge about technologies they learn, the tools they use and the theories they memorize. Everyday we hear and witness a new change in this area and the only way to be updated is to follow what is going on outside.

To keep up with latest tools and technologies, I generally use social networking platforms like Facebook and twitter. Today almost every company has their own pages in these two platforms and share their updates using these social websites with people following them. Also I am following the local seminars, and both local and worldwide webinars; so to better understand and learn the technologies I follow and those new things from the experts.

What does being an MSP mean to you? And what makes you a great MSP?
Being an MSP has a huge responsibility and a really great meaning but to make it summary: An MSP is an awarded and selected student, who is both the technical and social leader in the community he/she being exists. You are expected to be familiar with the current technologies, especially all those great tools and languages which are related to Microsoft and also you are to be active socially so to help people about their problems and to convey your friends and students your experiences and the very new technologies you lately learned about.


Tell us about faculty support in promoting tools and technologies?
The faculty support in promoting tools and technologies is really admirable. From the Dean of the faculty, to the instructors are all armed with those new tools and technologies and are having the great enthusiasm for promoting them. The lessons and projects given for students are all according to the current technologies and needs of the outside especially the business world. This makes students to be ready for what they are going to face after graduation.

If you could ask Steve Ballmer one question about Microsoft, what would it be?
I will ask him to summarize in one short sentence the secret of his success.

Had a chance to attend “MSP Summit”? When and how was your experience?
I had the chance to attend 2 MSP summits. That I really thank the Microsoft Turkey and specially Mehmet TUNCKANAT for organizing and providing such great summits and provide us the opportunity to meet other MSP friends and had great experience of sharing each other’s knowledge and information about current technologies.

As you already know, MSP’s are being selected after some really tough steps and those who are selected as MSP are qualified students; both in their lessons and also in their social life. In summits being organized for students, we all get the chance to meet each other and share our knowledge with each other. Both making great friendships, plus gaining lots of informations from each other and also getting the very newest technological news specially regarding Microsoft services and products and participating in different seminers, webiners and presentations given from MVP’s and experts of the area.

Who are your top 5 MSP’s from your country? and why?
Almost all MSP’s which I introduced are all great and have credentials which I can easily put them to this top list, but because here it is definitely mentioned to list 5 of them, it make me list 5 of them, which I know better.

  • Doğukan DEMIR: My team colleague in Imagine Cup competition, is a really talented and social one. Participated and also presented different seminers and sessions regarding .NET technologies. Writes articles regarding C#, Silverlight and WP7.
  • Duygu DEMİRBAŞ: My team colleague in Imagine Cup competition, social and talented one. Participated in different Projects, helped and coordinated different seminers and conferences in University and local universities. Write articles regarding C#, Silverlight and WPF.
  • Gülden BİLGÜTAY: As very good in lessons, she is also so much active socially. She can intelligently balance between his work/study and social life. Write articles regarding XNA, Silverlight and ASP.NET
  • ALPER ÖZCAN: Is a real geek 🙂 is intelligent, fun and beyond these; a good friend. He wake up and sleep with Sharepoint.
  • ÖMÜR GÖK: So much active writing arcticles, participating to sessions and joining his university lessons as asistant. His area of interest is Silverlight.


What you think about the MSP’s role in promoting technology at your campus?
It is an obvious fact that MSP’s have the great role of promoting technologies at campuses. When Microsoft selects one or two student from a university as a MSP, they provide all facilities for organizing seminars, conferences and different events to spread the new technological improvements. These help students inside campus to be familiar with these technologies to promote their knowledge from the experts, which are generally MVP’s.

If you get a chance to suggest one conference in your Region? What would it be and why?
It would be definitely Windows Phone 7 conference. This choice has lots of reasons, but to mention some of them, I can list them below:

  • Windows Phone 7 is a new technology; here the aim of this conference will be familiarizing students with this new and amazing technology.
  • Windows phone 7 will be really interesting for Computer engineering and Computer Science department students, because they can easily develop applications and code their games for.
  • Windows phone 7 is a universe. Everyone has the right to know about.

What is the best thing that has happened since you have become a MSP?
I become social, and I think this is one of the characters being MSP gains for everyone participated in this program. You meet a friend, goto somewhere and have your drink, play some PC games and when doing this, you discuss about technologies, share your ideas and sometime you decide together to develop a desktop or web application. You plan your next webinar topic, you ask him/her help for a seminar or conference about a new technology inside campus. All these make you be a social person and beyond this, which is the important point to get is that: You really see the difference in your knowledge and your improvement technically, so now you are a real MSP.

Which was the last non-technical book you read?
Crime and Punishment – Dostoevsky

If you could do so, how would you plan your academic studies differently?
I am completely satisfied with my academic studies. So no need to do something different 🙂

If there was one place you could travel to, right now, where would it be and why?
Nowadays I am away of the place where I study my university, so right now I wish I could be in Izmir. The beautiful city, I’ve ever meet.



How can one be a part of MSP Club? Any suggestions for them?
Those who want to be a part of MSP Club must try to be good in both their area which they are study on (generally technical) and also their social life. Whenever you put this two feature together in a good manner, then you must not worry about not being selected as a MSP. Having web blog, for sharing your knowledge and experiences with others and participating to technological webinar and conferences is another important points you must not ignore having.

Who are your top 5 technical experts from your country?
In Turkey with the help of MSP program, I get the chance to introduce with a plenty number of experts. All of them are professionals of their area but because it is asked to list 5 of them, I will shorten the list with the names below:

What are your future plans?
Along working as a software developer, I want to continue being inside Microsoft programs and do my best to get more knowledge and experience to share more and more with others.

What two or three accomplishments have given you the most satisfaction? Why?
Being a Software Engineer is one of the two or three accomplishments given me the most satisfaction 🙂

Any Message you want to give to the readers of MicrosoftFeed?
I thank them, for reading this interview and wish them success in their life. I suggest them to always follow technological related websites like MicrosoftFeed, to always be updated with latest technological news and improvements.

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